The revolutionary personalised shopping service that creates lower prices for online shoppers, and diverts orders to you.

1. demand
User pastes product URL into We accept: Amazon, Tesco, Argos & more
2. offer creates the user a private and better offer for their chosen product.
3. order
We host the transaction. 30% buy. 62% buy again.
4. fulfil
You receive the order, ship the item, and get paid via BACS.

We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of UK consumers millions of pounds.

Industry-leading retention and conversion rates.

We also rank and promote your top products. Now integrated with

Flubit iOS app for same-day and timeslot delivery

Open to all SKU Cloud seller partners

Beta launch in London, Manchester & Birmingham

500,000 users

Leading UK newspaper, magazine and digital publisher

Readership of over 10 million per week

Web shop powered by SKU Cloud

10 million readers

Deal site with over 3 million UK customers

Sell 60,000+ deals per month across verticals

SKU Cloud provide a feed of bestselling deals

3 million users

UK’s leading cashback site - over 7 million members

New ‘Product Marketplace’ powered by SKU Cloud

Allows users to search and buy products on their website

7 million members

Operate ‘hapi’ employee benefits platform

Integrated with Sage and used by 80k UK SMEs

SKU Cloud provide various online shopping solutions

2 million employees

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