SKU Cloud is a brand and product of Flubit Ltd

Since launching in 2011, we've powered the revolutionary B2C marketplace - a personalised shopping service that has saved millions of customers millions of pounds on products they want to buy. These orders flow through our marketplace and are fulfilled by our massive community of trusted and fully integrated UK-based Seller Partners.

But we haven’t stopped there

SKU Cloud has been born out of this traditional marketplace technology. We’ve developed solutions and APIs for Destination Partners that give any digital business the tools to provide engaging and revenue-driving online shopping propositions to their audience. For SKU Cloud sellers, this means they automatically reach a new sales channel and audience every time we go live with a new Destination Partner.

Our vision is to build an online shopping ecosystem that works for everyone.

It works for Seller Partners who increase sales and reach without sacrificing margin.

It works for Destination Partners who increase audience engagement and revenues.

It works for online shoppers who get better prices on the products they want to buy.